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Behavioral Therapy

Our ABA Therapy services are BCBA-led, focused on expanding current skills, increasing independence in daily living skills, teaching age-appropriate leisure skills, learning how to handle increased social complexities, and starting or refining vocational skills. 


Our services are private pay and BCBA-led, ensuring you receive top-tier therapy from an expert in the field without the hassle and restrictions of insurance.

Documentation to provide to insurance for reimbursement is available. Reimbursement is not guaranteed.


We offer ABA therapy at a reduced intensity, even if your child does not have a formal diagnosis. We can assist children with ADHD, Down syndrome, oppositional defiant disorder, or any other behavioral or skill-related concerns. Our focus is on treating behaviors, not diagnoses.

Teens & Adults

We provide ongoing ABA therapy aimed at enhancing daily living skills, improving understanding of complex social interactions, and vocational support, even after insurance coverage ends. Just because insurance no longer covers it doesn't mean the benefits stop.


We provide compassionate parent training, which can be supplementary to your child's direct therapy or stand-alone to empower you to work on skills independently. We recognize that you are the expert on your child, and your involvement in their therapy is crucial to their success.

Initiating Services


Complete Intake Form


Schedule Introduction Call


BCBA Conducts Initial Assessment


BCBA Writes Report and Treatment Goals


Weekly ABA Sessions Begin

Meet your therapist

Melissa Druskis

Owner/ Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Melissa has over 10 years of clinical experience working with children, teens, and adults with mild to severe behavioral issues, speech and language delays and disorders, and picky eating, first as a speech-language pathologist assistant, and currently as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has worked with a wide range of ages and populations including typically developing children, individuals with autism, down syndrome, and other disorders. While she has a background in speech therapy, her approach to treating communication and feeding deficits is based on the science of behaviorism and verbal behavior.

In addition to her clinical work, she has written several books on supervising BCBA/BCaBA supervisees, provides resources and supervision to behavior analysts as the owner of ABC Behavior Training, and has spent time as a co-instructor for Florida Institute of Technology's online master's degree program. Melissa has also conducted research in the area of neural plasticity and working memory through her graduate degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience. 



Florida Institute of Technology

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Education in the science of applied behavior analysis with an independent supervision experience focused on the pediatric population with communication deficits, severe challenging behavior, and feeding concerns.


University of Texas at Dallas

M.S. Applied Cognition & Neuroscience

Dual specialization in Cognition and Human-Computer Interactions. Conducted research at the Center for Vital Longevity in the area of neural plasticity and working memory.


University of Texas at Dallas

B.S. Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Focus on communication delays and disorders and childhood development with practicum hours earned in UTD Callier's Preschool Language Development Program.


University of Texas at Arlington

M.S. Social Work

Social work education with a specialization in clinic social work. Focused on mental health and substance abuse.


​Service Descriptions

  • Focused Treatment: (1-6 hrs per week) A narrow area of focus on just a few skills.

  • Comprehensive Treatment: (7-15 hrs per week) A broad area of focus covering many skills across the client's daily life.

  • Behavioral Treatment: (Hours vary) A focus on reducing challenging behavior that can be addressed independently or in addition to skill-based services.

Initial Assessment

Focused Assessment $200

Comprehensive Assessment $400

Behavioral Assessment $200

The initial assessment gives us a baseline of current skills and identifies what goals we need to target in our future sessions. Part of the assessment will be conducted via interview with the parent/caregiver. The remainder of the assessment will be conducted with the client through direct work or observation. Following the assessment, a treatment report will be created to guide future treatment. Assessments will need to be conducted on a yearly basis. 

ABA Services

First hour per session $100

Additional hours $75

Ex. A 2hr session is $175

Ongoing ABA services will put the goals developed in the treatment plan into action. We will use evidence-based procedures focusing on positive reinforcement and client-led activities to increase skills and teach strategies to reduce challenging behaviors. Services typically take place for 2-3 hours, 1-3 times per week, but each client's dosage recommendation is individualized based on their need. A discount is applied to sessions lasting multiple hours with all hours after the first hour receiving a 25% discount.

Parent/Caregiver Coaching

1hr session $150

Parent or caregiver involvement is vital to the success of our clients, whether they are a young child or an adult. You are the expert on your child and we will train you on how to carry over the skills we work on into the home environment. If your child is receiving ABA services, it is required to complete at least one parent coaching session per month, although more sessions are always encouraged. If your child is not receiving ABA services, you can utilize parent coaching on its own to learn how to address behaviors and teach skills on your own with weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Parent coaching sessions can be conducted remotely via video chat.

Therapy Session

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Once you complete the intake form, we will contact you within 2 business days to gather any additional information and schedule your initial assessment.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to us or schedule an introduction call.

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