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Live Webinar

Understanding Parental Burnout

Are you feeling
...struggling to find joy in parenting?

You're not alone.

Parenting is a rewarding journey, but it can also be incredibly demanding and challenging. Many parents experience burnout, feeling physically and emotionally drained by the constant demands of raising children. "Understanding Parental Burnout" is a specialized webinar designed to help you navigate these challenges, providing insights, strategies, and support to help you regain balance and joy in your parenting journey.

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What you'll learn >>>

  • Expectations vs. Reality: Explore the common misconceptions about parenting and discover how to align your expectations with reality.

  • Identifying Burnout: Learn to recognize the signs of parental burnout and understand the difference between normal fatigue and chronic exhaustion.

  • Root Causes: Delve into the factors that contribute to burnout, from societal pressures to personal coping mechanisms.

  • Prevention Strategies: Discover practical tips for preventing burnout, including self-care routines, stress management techniques, and building a robust support network.

  • Recovery and Resilience: Gain tools to recover from burnout, reframe negative thoughts, and build long-term resilience.

Why attend >>>

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Melissa Druskis, a seasoned behavior analyst and parent coach with years of experience helping parents navigate the complexities of raising children.

  • Practical Tools: Walk away with actionable strategies and a personalized plan to maintain your well-being and balance the demands of parenting.

  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of parents who share your experiences and understand your struggles.

Who should attend >>>

  • Parents feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of parenting

  • New parents adjusting to the realities of raising children

  • Experienced parents seeking new strategies to manage stress and maintain well-being

  • Anyone interested in learning more about parental burnout and how to prevent it


Presented by Melissa Druskis,
Founder & CEO of PSI

Learn from behavior analyst and neuroscientist, Melissa Druskis, as we delve into the science behind parental burnout and strategies to find joy in parenting.

In this webinar we will cover

Image by Christin Hume
"I've taken many online courses and Melissa is the best, most detailed presenter I have ever studied with."

Professional workshop attendee

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